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Hone your pilot skills in co-op survival matches and challenge your friends to a competitive match. Outmaneuver your opponents, take cover behind asteroids, collect bigger guns and take down your enemies!

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is a local multiplayer space shooter for up to 16 players. Run the game on almost any PC. Play using keyboard, mouse or gamepads. Or join the match using your mobile phone as controller.


  • Frantic competitive or co-op party/couch gameplay.
  • Somewhat realistic ship movement based on simulated thrusters.
  • Players can drop in and out of the action as they please.
  • Very reasonable system requirements and support for various controllers.

Downloads (Windows, Linux) and discussion boards are hosted on

Have fun and please let me know what you think!

Note: This game is still in active development. Some planned features are not yet implemented and everything is subject to change and improvement. To stay up to date with the development progress, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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In-game screenshots:

Video footage from a single player survival/practice match in alpha version 0.0.9:

Development status

What's done

  • Deathmatch, team deathmatch and survival co-op game modes.
  • Keyboard, gamepad, mouse controllers.
  • Mobile controller application for Android.
  • Default weapon + nine collectible items (weapons and power-ups).

What's coming

Some of the planned features:

  • Survival co-op high scores.
  • More weapons and power-ups.
  • Mobile controller application for iOS.
  • Support for more controller types.
  • Improvements to visuals and audio.

What's not coming

One thing ruled out early in design is online/network multiplayer support. Local multiplayer FTW!

Known issues

Some system pop-ups appear behind full-screen game in Windows. Firewall pop-ups are especially problematic as they might block the game from starting and it looks like it's just loading indefinitely. The workaround is to return to windowed mode temporarily (edit or delete C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\astronautics\configuration.xml) until you can get rid of the pop-up (accept connection, etc). I will try to fix this in the next update.

Frequently asked questions

What are the system requirements?

Windows or Linux PC with Intel HD4000 or better GPU. Mobile controller application requires Android 4.0 or later and Wi-Fi access to same network with the PC.

What gamepads are supported?

On Windows any XInput compatible gamepad (for example Xbox controllers) will work. For other controllers you will probably need XInput emulation software like DS4 Windows for Dual Shock 4. Make sure you disable duplicate DirectInput devices in emulation if possible. Logitech Fx10 gamepads and Dual Shock 4 controllers are supported without XInput emulation too. However, the latter can't be auto-detected.

On Linux Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 controllers are supported. That includes any controllers compatible with them like many Logitech gamepads.

The game uses four first connected gamepads it sees and tries to identify them. If this fails, you can manually set gamepad types or disable them in Settings / Controller settings -menu (in-game).

Will there be a version for OSX?

Most of the game code is platform independent and all dependencies are available for OSX too so it could be done, but currently I haven't got the hardware or enough time to set up and maintain yet another platform version.

Fortunately the Windows version should work on OSX using Wine. You will also need Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 installed.

What if there is no Wi-Fi network available?

Easiest way is to connect the PC and mobile devices to same pre-existing Wi-Fi network. If you want to play with mobile controllers and there is no Wi-Fi available, you can set up one yourself. You can do this either on one of your mobile devices (usually called Wireless Access Point or Wi-Fi hotspot) or on your PC (instructions for Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04).

Why does my firewall say the game wants's to "act as a server"?

The game talks to mobile controller applications over local network (UDP port 26004). If this bothers you and don't need mobile controller apps, you can disable this in Settings / Controller settings -menu (in-game).